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Product Dosing and Feeding Systems

The Systems are various and suitable for every kind of granular, solid, powder, liquid and pasty products. The Systems are used for feeding the packaging machines regarding to the product type, targeted capacity and weight.

Multihead Weighing System
All kind of Granular Products are packed at the desired weight with the Multihead Weighing Systems. According to the product type, target weight and capacities the various types of the multihead weighing systems are beeing used.

Volumetric Dosing Sysem
Adjustable six telescopic cups inside the Dosing unit are controlled by Siemens touch panel. Suitable for fine granular products. Dimensions and volumes are prepared according to specific requirements. Suitable for products like, Rice, Beans, Chickpea, Lentils, Sugar, Nuts, Powder Detergent, Coffee Beans, Salt and etc…

Auger (Screw) Filling System
Suitable for powders and similar fine products. A specific screw for each product, precisely does the correct amount directly into the forming tube of the packaging machine.Controlled by Siemens plc. The system can be easily dismantled for thorough cleaning. Suitable for products like, Cocoa, Milk Powder, Powder Spices, Salt, Powder Detergent, Instant Drinks, Coffee etc…

Counting System
The System is counting Products and is feeding the packaging machine according to the desired amount and order.